Starting from the passion for agriculture and forestry, AGRICOLA AUSTRIA became an outstanding expert in the sector of renewable resources. Today we are a distinguished provider of wood pellets, fire wood and other forest products mainly in the B2B-sector.



Together with our partner company MINRONA, we have a broad network in the Baltic and Eastern Europe. Because of this local connections we are able to source directly from the producer, which allows us an insight in the production and a quality control on a regular basis. Due to our partnerships, our knowhow and our possibilities in logistics are unbeatable: Road haulage, container transport or transport by sea.





AGRICOLA AUSTRIA is acting all over Europe with a strong focus on Central Europe. Thanks to our distribution partner CARICO, which is a well-respected trading company, our products have a strong market positon in Italy as well.



Collaboration and longterm partnerships are leading principles in our business. They ensure flexibility, efficiency and make business life easier.